Me at the end of 2022, when my hair was the color of the ocean depths. Nice to meet you.

Oh, hi there! Please, come on in! Make yourself at home. Would you like a cup of tea? Of course you would. Not to brag, but I make the best chai rose latte—and it’s my own blend, too! Why don’t you take a look around while I’m in the kitchen? The layout is pretty simple, like a big digital studio apartment. Below, you’ll find links to some of the things you probably came here for, and a few things I bet you weren’t expecting. Sit, sit, get comfy! I’ll go grab that tea.

Oh, and uh…you may want to keep your hands away from the Venus Flytrap by the window. I had a spell backfire on me, and…let’s just say that, now, it eats more than flies and flies more than eats.

The Free Muses section is brand new. Throughout February I’ll really be filling it up! Come back often to check out the updates!

Free printable character reference sheets

Looking for my free character reference sheets?

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Back in 2022, I merged my writing and editing articles into The Writer Scrolls blog over at Kingsman Editing Services. Now you have access to a wealth of writing tips and guides from the whole Kingsman team!

As I imagine, so shall it be. My own personal triskele/triquetra icon.

As I imagine, so shall it be.

Crystal MM Burton

Me, all dressed up nice and coloring a sunflower

My passion project, CraftTea Witch

When I’m not writing my own stories or formatting someone else’s, I’m learning. Most of the time, I’m journeying down my personal spiritual path and studying things like the power of intent, divination, and medicinal benefits of various tea blends and ingredients. I love crafting (especially with yarn) and creating new, wonderful things. Though I’ve been on this path my entire life, the idea of walking it digitally is still new to me. But it’s also very exciting! It’s a passion project for sure, and I’ve finally gotten the website all set up and ready for visitors. If you’re interested in witchcraft or just want to get some real-world inspiration, swing by and check it out. It’s growing a little more each week; I post new content every Wednesday!

Below are a few images of what I do and create. The tea images are my own blends (Texas Pecan in the green bowl and Social Reset Moon Tea in the steeper ball). I crafted the besom from bluestem grass I harvested from my pasture. The little dragons and the woven/ringed purse are my own patterns. (The crochet patterns and my besoms can be purchased on my Etsy shop). The runes are handmade from a branch of my live oak tree that I cut, sanded, burned, polished, and sealed.