Nice to meet you! I’m Crystal!

Hey there! I was hoping I’d see you. Please, come on in! I love having readers and creators visit. It just livens the whole place up! Would you like a cup of tea? Of course you would, how silly of me. You know, I make the best chai rose latte, and with just a splash of heavy cream frothed in—yum! And it’s my own blend, too!

Oh gosh. Listen to me rambling on. Tsk tsk.

Make yourself at home. Why don’t you take a look around? Below, you’ll find links to some of the things you probably came here for, and a few things I bet you weren’t expecting! Sit, sit, get comfy! I’ll go grab that tea.

I’m still remodeling the site, so please ignore the mess! Thank you!

Oh, and you may want to keep your hands away from the Venus Flytrap. I had a spell backfire on me, and . . . let’s just say that now, it eats more than flies and flies more than it eats.

As I imagine,
so shall it be.

– Crystal MM Burton