The Map


The Map – A Collaborative Fiction Novel
Published by CWC
Look for my chapter contribution, Chapter 1.

I am so proud to tell you that I was the Story Coordinator for this project. That means it was my job to read the weekly chapter submissions and choose the best fit for the story. I also had to ensure all the plot threads tied together properly and that no loose ends remained. It was a fun challenge and it produced an outstanding story.

Visit the website for more information on this collaborative project and the CWC.
Paperback and Kindle versions available from Amazon.

Please enjoy the summary for the collaborative novel The Map.

Kaitlyn Hart leads a simple life as a waitress in the small town of Cannon Beach. After a short, whirlwind romance with a dreamy businessman, she thinks she’s found the perfect marriage. Life is good—until she comes home and finds a pistol on Brandon’s hip and a dead man lying on her floor.

Kidnapped by her own husband, Kaitlyn is questioned for information about her father—a man she believes has been dead since she was seven. Brandon will do anything to get his hands on her father’s old journal, which is said to contain a map, and Kaitlyn has no clue what it is or where to find it.

James has been in love with Kaitlyn since they were children, and when he dreams of her danger, he rushes across the country to find her. His only clue is the Black Coyote Project—a mysterious term surrounding Kaitlyn’s father and his past associates. But in fighting to save her, they discover a world-wide hunt for the powerful secrets hidden in the Sierra Nevadas of California, and the trouble has only just begun.

In a race against the clock, Kaitlyn learns more about her father than she ever thought possible, James discovers his grandfather’s important role in protecting the legendary treasure, and her father’s team gathered to finish the hunt must put together the clues before all the wrong people beat them to it.

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