No author should hire an editor outright just because they say they are good at it. An author should do their research, ask around, and compare options. Not every editor will make a good fit for every book, nor will every author work well with every editor.

That said, here are some testimonials from authors whose novels I have edited and/or formatted. I have also provided links to their books so you can see for yourself if my work is up to your standards. I encourage you to do this. Check my work, check my prices, ask around, and look at other editors, too. That may sound counterproductive, considering I don’t make any money if I don’t take on clients. But I’m in this for the authors. For the stories. So I want you to find the best fit for you. If it’s me, that’s wonderful. If not, I hope you find someone who will make a great match for you and your book!


Crystal is a wonderful editor! I had the privilege of working with her on my debut novel, Dead by Morning. She improved it 100%! She knows exactly what to look for in all the important areas: grammar, character development, and plot. Not only did she smooth out the sentence structure in my novel, but she […]

Kayla Krantz

Crystal has edited countless short stories, blog posts, and novels-in-progress for me, and they are always edited to perfection! She’s one of my go-to editors when it comes to asking for any editing advice. I highly recommend any of her services. She is amazingly thorough and dedicated to every project she takes on. It’s obvious […]

Michelle King

Crystal edited and formatted my debut novel, Phoenix Always. I knew what to expect from her, which is why I knew that only she could be my editor, and she did not disappoint. It was challenging at times, and there were times when I wanted to curse her out, but that’s exactly what a writer […]

Jae Dawn

With my second novel, I had the opportunity to work with Crystal MM Burton as the editor. What began as a new relationship soon ended up being one of my best decisions ever. Not only is Crystal a wonderful and knowledgeable editor, but she has a talent for providing a lesson with her work. I […]

Vicki B. Williamson
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