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I aim to share writing tips and advice I’ve learned throughout the years as I’ve pursued a career in writing, especially in the fantasy and speculative fiction genres. Everything here is based on my own experience and research, and I reserve the right to edit or update any posts or comments I make. I also recommend certain products and services; you are expected to use your best judgment when determining whether or not to purchase these yourself.


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limitations of liability

Although I am a freelance editor and a published author, I am not a professional in the traditional publishing industry. Any advice I offer is based on my own personal experience and opinions. The information I provide on this website is for educational purposes only and is meant as a tool to aid you in your own writing. I do not guarantee a publishing contract, book sales, or a flawless manuscript. A writer is continuously growing and learning and applying new information that works well with their personal style. Not all of my advice will fit your style and you are not required to take any advice I offer.


One of the many joys of being in a writing community is the sharing of advice and experience. I welcome these friendly and knowledgeable exchanges in the comment section of my posts. If you wish to leave a comment on any post or page on my website, you may be asked to provide your name and email address. Your email address will remain confidential, but the contents of the comment will be made public on the post or page along with your name. I will never alter or edit your comments on my site. However, I will remove any comments that include spam or suspicious links to preserve the site’s integrity, at my personal discretion.

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Some of my articles include links to other websites. My terms & conditions only apply here on my own site, and I can’t be held responsible for any of the content you might find elsewhere, even if I’ve linked to it. I recommend you read the terms & conditions for any other websites you visit as well.


I am involved with affiliate programs. This means I might recommend products or services and link to them from my site. If you purchase anything through a link I’ve provided, I might get a commission at no further cost to you. I may also occasionally accept compensation from a third party in exchange for an honest review or to provide my opinion or experience with a particular product, brand, or service. Whenever a post or opinion is compensated, I will do my best to identify it as such.

I will never recommend a product that I have not personally tested and loved. Any opinions I share regarding sponsored or affiliate products are entirely my own and any facts I state are true and honest to the best of my knowledge. It is your own responsibility to verify any information with the manufacturer before making a purchase. Should you buy something I’ve recommended, I can’t be held responsible for any costs or damages you may incur, including due to a faulty product or your own misuse.


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