Due to a full schedule and personal responsibilities, I am not currently taking new editing clients. However, I still offer formatting services and pre-made cover designs. For everything else, for now, I’ve recommended a few people in the subheadings below.

Writing a book is a huge accomplishment, and you should be proud of yourself for achieving it! But, if you want to publish that book for the world to read, you will need to make sure it’s at its best.

Beta reading, editing, formatting, and proofreading are more than just important—they’re necessary if you want to succeed. Of those services, I am currently offering formatting for both paperback and e-book. I am not taking new editing clients at this time.

You will also find that I offer pre-made book covers. Although my stock is limited at the moment, I will be expanding it as my time allows.

All prices on my website are in US Dollars.


Beta Reading

I myself do not offer beta reading at this time.

Beta readers are a very helpful addition to the publishing process. They act as a sort of “test crowd” for your book, reading through (usually before edits) and providing valuable feedback. Although it is possible to find beta readers for free, many authors are turning to paid services because they are fast, honest, and reliable.

If you are looking for a beta reader for your story, here are a few people you can reach out to. They also offer proofreading services.

MW King


Michelle King: You can contact Michelle through her website or you can email her directly at to ask about her beta reading or proofreading services.


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Jae Dawn: Learn more about Jae’s beta reading and proofreading at or you can email her directly at




Editing is one of the most important steps in publishing. Everyone needs an editor. No matter how good you think you are, you will always be too close to your own work to catch every mistake. There are many different types of edits, each one ranging in detail depending on what the author wants or needs.

I am taking a break from editing this year as I turn my attention to my own writing. This means I will not be taking on any new editing clients. However, this doesn’t affect my previous clients. If I have edited for you in the past, I will continue to be your editor if you so choose. Just toss me a message. 🙂


Cayce Berryman: In the meantime, I highly recommend my friend and fellow editor, Cayce Berryman. In addition to being a great editor, she is the founder of the Facebook group Authors’ Tale, which has grown to include a website, writing page, writing workshops, and an annual anthology. Learn more about Cayce and her services on her website.



Formatting can make or break a book. Poorly formatted books can be hard to read and many people will even stop reading them altogether. An attractive, consistent layout provides a comfortable reading experience and a professional touch.

I format novels for both paperback and e-book. You are welcome to see books I’ve formatted previously and read testimonials by authors I’ve worked with.

What I offer:

I offer paperback formatting for novels that results in a .docx file and an upload-ready PDF. The price is set at $60 regardless of the manuscript’s size or genre.

I offer e-book formatting for novels that results in a .mobi file and an .epub file that will pass through epubcheck with no errors. The price is set at $100 regardless of the manuscript’s size or genre.

To learn more about my formatting prices and details, please see my formatting services page.



Proofreading is a valuable and often overlooked service. A proofreader—as the title implies—reads the proof (the final, formatted copy) before it is officially published, checking for any errors in both editing and formatting.

I will not proofread a book that I have edited. By the time I get through with editing, I am too close to the work and might overlook any errors I may have missed previously. If I have edited your work (or you are considering my services), allow me to recommend Michelle King or Jae Dawn (contact information in the beta reading section above). Tell them I sent you. 😉

My proofreading service, The Book Doctor, is currently on hold along with my editing, as there is always a chance that it will evolve into a full-on edit and I am focusing on my own writing right now. If you need a proofreader, Michelle and Jae are wonderful. 🙂


Pre-Made Cover Design

Your cover is essentially the first impression your book has on potential readers. You need something that shows off the tone and theme of your novel as well as the genre. I’m not taking custom orders at this time, but I do offer pre-made covers. If you see one that fits your story or that inspires you to write a story to match, claim that cover! 😉

What I offer:

My pre-made covers are $80. This includes a 6″ x 9″ paperback layout (front, back and spine) and an e-book cover (1600 x 2400). I will change the author name, title (if needed), and back blurb to fit your story. I will also adjust your paperback spine width for you when you have your final page count, before uploading.

This package includes three free tweaks to the design. Further tweaking is an extra $5 per alteration.

To learn more about my pre-made cover prices and details, please see my pre-made covers page.


Need a quote?

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