I offer my services as a freelance fiction editor to help you polish your work until it shines, whether you’re looking for simple spelling and punctuation or an in-depth analysis. I pride myself on being open and honest with authors while maintaining courtesy and respect. Though I do not have a college degree in the field, I have seven months experience as the Editing Director of a small press, the Chicago Manual of Style on my shelf, and a growing portfolio of past edited works.

Before edits begin, I do have a contract that I will send you as a PDF. You can print it out, sign it, scan it, and send it back to me, or you can use a free digital PDF filler (such as PDFescape). Acceptable payment methods include Paypal and Facebook pay, though I am flexible. If you have another preferred payment method, let me know.

My Current Schedule:

Editing: I am currently working with two novels, so my schedule is pretty full. I will be completing these books over the coming months and I will be available for editing again by December 15th. If you have a children’s book with less than 5,000 words, contact me anyway. Children’s books are generally quick to edit and can be worked into my schedule.

Sample Edits: I am always available to do a sample edit. Fill out my form below to tell me about your book, and let me know you’d like a sample done. I will email you back within 1-2 business days to request your text.

Formatting: I am always available for formatting. However, because my OCD demands I triple check things, I require one week to format your book.



All edits, regardless of word count, require a minimum of $50.00. Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample edit of up to 3,000 words!

Since I’m an American editor, I specialize in American English. For this reason, I’d prefer not to edit your novel if you’ve written it in a British, Australian, or Canadian dialect unless you’re making the switch to American.

Light Edits
Copyediting—$0.005 per word

These edits focus on the smallest aspect of a manuscript—the words themselves. If all you need is a sweep for spelling, punctuation, and light grammar, this is the option for you. I also check for proper regional English (American or British), redundant or repetitive phrases, and incorrect word usage. If you’re operating on a budget, this is a good place to start.

Medium Edits
Line Editing—$0.0075 per word

These edits focus on the manuscript at the sentence and paragraph level. In addition to everything covered under copyediting, I check for sentence structure, consistent author voice, paragraph flow, passive voice, and believable dialogue. This is the most popular option.

Heavy Edits
Substantive Editing—$0.01 per word

These edits focus on the “big picture” of the manuscript. In addition to everything covered under copyediting and line editing, I check for plot holes, inconsistencies, character arcs, realism, and pacing. Though this is the most expensive option, it is also the most in-depth. If you haven’t had any beta readers look over your work, this is recommended.

Children’s Books

Note: Children’s books are a bit different from novels, since they typically have an intended age range and many offer learning opportunities. For that reason, they have their own price ranges. Anything above 5,000 words falls into my novel price range (see above). Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample edit up to 10% of your word count!

Light Edits
Under 500 words—$10
500–999 words—$20
1000–5000 words—$40

These edits, similar to the copyediting of a novel, focus on the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of your story. I also point out any words or phrases that I feel might be too advanced or too simple for your intended reading level, and I check for proper regional English (American or British).

Heavy Edits
Under 500 words—$20
500–999 words—$30
1000–5000 words—$50

These edits, similar to the substantive edits of a novel, focus on the story as a whole. In addition to everything covered by light edits, I do an in-depth critique into the story itself, looking at the characters, plot, and any lessons you want your story to teach. If your story rhymes, I also check the meter and rhyme scheme of each stanza for pace and flow.


Need your novel formatted? I have experience formatting in both paperback and e-book. Yes, my formatting prices may be more expensive than others, but for good reason. Check out the descriptions for details. Note: You must already have your cover image file completed. I am not currently designing custom book covers. I will need a copy of the cover to build the e-book.


I will design your inner pages to create an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read paperback novel. If your novel is part of an ongoing series, I will format to match previous releases. I recommend self-publishing authors use a 6 x 9 format, but I can easily work with whatever book size you’d like.

As a personal touch, I will also ensure that the bottom-most line of every page matches up with the page opposite it. In an update to Microsoft Word, the amount of lines on a page has been altered based on the size of the paragraphs. This results in an uneven amount of space at the bottom of each page. My formatting pays special attention to this detail to give you the most professional product possible.

This formatting option will give you a Word document in .docx and an upload-ready PDF.


I use an HTML/CSS method to build your e-book from the ground up. Coding enables your book to be read across any and all devices with ease and allows your readers to have some leeway with their personal font and color preferences. It also gives them a built-in interactive Table of Contents both in the file itself and coded into the e-reader.

My formatted e-books meet all epubcheck requirements with no errors.

This formatting option will give you both an epub and mobi file of your book, ready for upload.

Novel bundle—$140

This includes both paperback and ebook formats. (A $20 savings!)

Children’s Picture Books—Pricing Available Upon Request ($25 minimum; $100 maximum; pricing varies by book)

Designing and building a picture book is very time-consuming. There is a lot of personal preference involved in the vision an author has for their book, and it must be put together in a way that draws a child’s attention to the words and images at a balanced pace. More so, when it comes to the paperback version, uploading can be a hassle (especially through Createspace and Ingram Spark) because even with a PDF they may show gutter and margin errors that aren’t immediately apparent and that will require tweaking. For this reason, if you hire me to format your picture book, I will need to work closely with you during the paperback uploading phase so I can tackle any issues that may arise. It is just part of the process, but I will perform as many tweaks as necessary until it’s perfect.

Depending on what you need, this formatting option will give you a Word document in .docx and an upload-ready PDF (for paperbacks), and/or a Kindle mobi file (for ebooks).

I am not currently formatting children’s book epub files.

Children’s bundle—20% off total children’s formatting price

Although the price for formatting children’s books varies by size, images, and layout, if you would like both paperback and mobi files, I will subtract 20% of the initial combined individual prices. (For example, if each format would have cost you $25, I would take 20% off the $50 total for a final price of $40.)

Need a quote?

If you would like an editing estimate or have any questions, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.