Phoenix Always


From Romania to New Orleans through nine centuries and thirty-nine lives, Phoenix Maison remembers them all. What she doesn’t remember is how she came to be trapped in this cycle of reincarnation. Every year in every life, she prepares for her possible death, but this life is different from the others. She loves her family and her native New Orleans and longs for a future with her girlfriend.

Determined to break her curse, Phoenix stumbles down an oddly familiar path back to the only life she doesn’t remember, where her immortal soul lived in an immortal body.

Even as bloodless corpses pile up in her beloved city, Phoenix still hopes to escape her destiny. But her seemingly endless time is running out and she must either embrace what she was always meant to be or let humanity meet a brutal fate.

The future of mortals and immortals alike lies in her choice.

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About the Author – Jae Dawn

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A Louisiana native, Jae is a self-proclaimed name snob who dreams of operating a rescue for Manx cats and living in New Orleans, or England. Either will do. As a child, she escaped her unpleasant reality by reading fantasy novels and writing stories in her head. Now, she writes the stories in her head into fantasy novels to help others escape reality. She’s a dedicated volunteer with a rabbit rescue appropriately named Magic Happens, and is the mother to five furry rescue Manx cats. Jae also boasts an ever growing vampire collection that includes over 500 books, DVDs, posters, clothes, cups, collectible figures, Halloween decorations, and more.

Since childhood, Jae has loved getting lost in a world created by an author. She laughs, cries, and feels with the characters, and often becomes quite sad when the reading is done – when that world is over. She especially loves books that are meaty and deep and really fleshes out the world and the characters. You will find all of these things reflected in her writing.

Her first book, Phoenix Always, was released April 10, 2017 by Imagine House.

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