Key of the Prophecy


Ellen Thompson is flourishing in the life she’s created as a curator of a museum in Arizona. When a new friend unexpectedly turns up on her door one evening with a deadly group on his heels, she’s catapulted into a desperate run for her life. Using her skills, intelligence, and innate psychic ability, she’s drawn into a hunt for the mysterious Guardian–an entity whose birth is in our ancient stories and whose existence is necessary if ours is to continue. As Ellen moves closer to the answers, she’s compelled to experience spiritual visitations while being pursued by the Guild in their search for and control of the Guardian. Fleeing through Europe and Asia, Ellen and her companion use all their daring and skill in a frantic search to find the answers and understand the clues. The riddles must be solved and the enigmatic Guardian located before time runs out.

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About the Author – Vicki B. Williamson

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Vicki B. Williamson’s first novel, Finding Poppies, is a thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Ms. Williamson lives in Billings, MT, with her husband, Mark, and their golden retriever, Ripley.

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