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Editing is one of the most important steps in publishing, which means you need to treat it with all the respect and care it deserves. Be sure to shop around before choosing an editor: check prices, get sample edits, and don’t hesitate to examine other books they’ve edited or talk to authors they’ve worked with. Find the right editor for you and your book, even if that’s not me.

Note: I am an American editor, which means I specialize in American English. For this reason, I’d prefer not to edit your book if you’ve written it in a British, Australian, or Canadian dialect unless you’re making the switch to American. There are exceptions to this, but they are few and far between.



Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample edit of up to 3,000 words!

I don’t have any genre preferences, but I specialize in (and love) fantasy and suspense. I have experience with multiple genres and can work with any narrator perspective.

Light Edits
Copyediting—$0.005 per word

These edits focus on the smallest aspect of a manuscript—the words themselves. If all you need is a sweep for spelling, punctuation, and light grammar, this is the option for you. I also check for proper regional English (American or British), redundant or repetitive phrases, and incorrect word usage. If you’re operating on a budget, this is a good place to start.

Medium Edits
Line Editing—$0.0075 per word

These edits focus on the manuscript at the sentence and paragraph level. In addition to everything covered under copyediting, I check for sentence structure, consistent author voice, paragraph flow, passive voice, and believable dialogue. This is the most popular option.

Heavy Edits
Substantive Editing—$0.01 per word

These edits focus on the “big picture” of the manuscript. In addition to everything covered under copyediting and line editing, I check for plot holes, inconsistencies, character arcs, realism, and pacing. Though this is the most expensive option, it is also the most in-depth. If you haven’t had any beta readers look over your work, this is recommended.


Children’s Books

Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample edit up to 10% of your word count!

Children’s books are a bit different from novels, since they typically have an intended age range and many offer learning opportunities. For that reason, they have their own price ranges. Anything above 5,000 words falls into my novel price range (see above).

Light Edits
Under 500 words—$10
500–999 words—$20
1000–5000 words—$40

These edits, similar to the copyediting of a novel, focus on the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of your story. I also point out any words or phrases that I feel might be too advanced or too simple for your intended reading level, and I check for proper regional English (American or British).

Heavy Edits
Under 500 words—$20
500–999 words—$30
1000–5000 words—$50

These edits, similar to the substantive edits of a novel, focus on the story as a whole. In addition to everything covered by light edits, I do an in-depth critique into the story itself, looking at the characters, plot, and any lessons you want your story to teach. If your story rhymes, I also check the meter and rhyme scheme of each stanza for pace and flow.

Need a quote?

If you’d like an editing quote or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or fill out the form at the bottom of my main services page; I’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days!


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