Thank you for your interest in my work. 🙂 This page lists my full résumé of books—ones I’ve written, ones I’ve contributed to, and ones I’ve provided services for. The links will take you to Amazon to view each book. If you’d like to see the covers and details for my own books, you can find them here. If you’d like to see the covers and details for the books I’ve worked on for clients, you can find them here.

You are also welcome to visit and follow my Amazon Author Page to stay up-to-date on new releases.

My Books

Children’s Books
2016 – Mommy, What Is the Moon?
2016 – Mami, Que Es la Luna?

2015 – The Grim Keepersmy short: The Open Door
2015 – Festive Frightsmy short: Julbocken
2015 – A StarkLight Steampunk Anthologymy short: A Tinker’s Gift
2016 – Twisted Easter Tailsmy short: Death by Chocolate
2016 – Once Upon a Wednesdaymy short: Just Coffee
2017 – Heart of a Child—my shorts: In the Park (featured) and Parting Ways (coming soon in 2018!)

2015 – BIT (coming soon in 2018!)
2016 – ARK
2016 – The Map (I coordinated this story.)
2016 – Esyld’s Awakening (releasing in December 2017!)
2017 – Army of Brass (coming soon in 2018!)

Standalone Short Stories
2017 – Blank Space (releasing in November 2017!)

Featured Articles and Stories
2016 – Embellished with Roses—short story contest runner-up @ The Collaborative Writing Challenge
2016 – OCD Is More Than What You See—article published @ The Mighty

My Clients’ Books

2016 – Dead by Morning—Kayla Krantz
2017 – Phoenix Always—Jae Dawn
2017 – Key of the Prophecy—Vicki B. Williamson
2017 – Estelle and Ziggy—Adam DeRose
2017 – Live & Learn—Vance Pumphrey
2017 – There’s No Such Thing As People—Michelle Williams-King
2017 – Alive at Sunset—Kayla Krantz (coming soon)
2017 – Shards of the Crystal Rose—Benjamin Phillips (coming soon)

2016 – Phoenix Always—Jae Dawn
2017 – Live & Learn—Vance Pumphrey
2017 – Souls Asunder—Miranda Brock
2017 – Shards of the Crystal Rose—Benjamin Phillips (coming soon)