Author News

Updated September 20, 2018

•  We just hit 100 blog followers! Thank y’all SO much for supporting me in my writing and worldbuilding. I would be nothing without all of you. ❤ Hugs for everyone! 😀

•  As previously stated, returning visitors may notice that my services section is gone. I’ve decided to take a break from freelancing to focus on my own writing. I hope you enjoy my writing as much as you’ve enjoyed my editing!

•  As I learn more and more during my time in Allegory Alley, my poetry collection is slowing growing. I’ve learned just how much I love villanelles (and how difficult they are to write).

•  On my birthday (August 13th) I launched a new worldbuilding group called Worldbuilder’s Muse. If you like to create, come join us! We cover different topics every day.