Author News

Updated December 11, 2018

•  I said I wouldn’t do this till next year, but apparently I lied. I started a separate website for my poetry! I haven’t moved anything over yet, but once I do, all my poems, poetic inspiration, and poetry tips and advice will be found over at my new site, from prose to prosody. Be sure to follow me over there for updates on all that!

•  Speaking of poetry, I’ve determined that I pretty much hate most poetry groups on Facebook. Everyone wants to write “free verse” (or what they think it is) without putting forth any real effort. I’d like to stress there IS a difference between free writing and free verse. End rant.

•  My website here needs a revamp. With my poetry making the move to its own site, I have the option to simplify and focus the direction I really want to take here. And that direction, I think, is worldbuilding and general fantasy writing. If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know!

•  Worldbuilder’s Muse, my worldbuilding and speculative fiction group, is doing great! Our membership is slowly growing and we’re over 60 members now! We cover different topics every day and everyone is very helpful when discussing ideas. Got a world in your head? Your muse awaits! 😉