About Me

Hi there! I’m Crystal. It’s nice to meet you!

I live in rural central Texas with my talented husband and our three young children. I am a veteran of the United States Navy, and I now proudly serve as a stay-at-home mother and wife. I work from home as an author and editor, and in my free time I enjoy crocheting, gaming, and movie marathons. When I’m not writing, editing, or chasing my overly-energetic kids, I can usually be found either exploring my passion for learning or diving into one of my favorite fandoms.

Standard bio aside… haha  🙂

I’ve always had an overactive imagination. There are even a few years of my childhood where I vividly remember impossible things happening. That was when I believed that magic found you if you had faith in it. I lived between books, becoming a part of each and every adventure I read. I wanted to bring my own imaginative adventures to life, so I began writing. Now, here I am, twenty-nine and still believing in magic. What growing up has taught me, however, is that the magic doesn’t seek you out—you have to find it.

I’ve sought out the magic in everything I’ve done in my life. I think it’s a wondrous thing to be able to turn a simple strand of yarn into a blanket, sweater, stuffed animal, or bag. I really love knitting and crocheting, and it’s my go-to hobby during the colder months. I get a huge thrill out of watching a few ingredients puff up into a moist, fluffy cake, and I have spent long weekends with lots of frosting and fondant and gum paste just decorating cakes and crafting delicious works of art. And of course, doing it all while watching everything available on Netflix.

The list of hobbies I’ve explored seems unending. Some of them get me looks of disgust and disapproval (such as skinning and taxidermy), some of them get me jaw-dropping gasps and raised eyebrows (I mentioned my cake and yarn fascinations), a few of them receive ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s (raising farm animals and spending time with my kids—which are two different things, regardless of how similar the two can be at times), and some are intriguing and may or may not ever be useful (I’m learning Italian and digital art).

Writing has turned out to be a lot more difficult that most would think. But I’m so excited to be bringing you new stories and tales, and I hope you enjoy the glimpses into my mind that my books provide.

Also, fun fact, I’m bipolar and I write about my experiences in a non-fiction memoir over on Wattpad. Bipolar disorder is a struggle, but writing about it helps. I don’t like to think it defines me, but rather that I redefine the illness!

In August 2016, I left my job as the Editing Director of a small publishing company and ventured out on my own as a freelance editor. If you’re interested in my services, request a quote by filling out the contact form on my Services page and let me know what you need. We’ll work something out. 🙂

My other job is as a Story Coordinator and editor for the Collaborative Writing Challenge (CWC). It’s hosted by the lovely Laura Callender. If you’ve never worked with another writer to produce a story, you’re really missing out on a great experience! I met Laura while we (along with four others) were writing a post-apocalyptic zombie novel. We each took turns writing a chapter and the story took so many unexpected twists and turns! It was fantastic and thrilling and I loved every minute of it. Then I found out that Laura had the CWC, where each novel—overseen by a Story Coordinator—is written by multiple writers from around the world, one chapter at a time. I’ve been so grateful to see two of my chapters chosen in their third project, Ark, one chapter chosen in their sixth project, Esyld’s Awakening, and my starter chapter chosen to kick off their fifth project, The Map, which I coordinated!

I always thought I was entirely too self-centered and controlling to be any good at sharing. I sure surprised myself! Now I’m working on a collaborative series with my best friend, I’ve begun a new story with another friend of mine, and I sign up for every CWC project as they come along.

For more fun facts, check out some of the interviews I’ve been featured in across the internet – you can find them here.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I’d be happy to chat! Have an amazing day!


Embellished with Roses

“Embellished with Roses” is a short story I submitted to the CWC’s Short Story Competition for Romance/Drama/Mystery. It came in second place as runner-up. It’s about a woman who gets a mysterious letter each day for a month. They start out sweet but she soon realizes she’s in danger. Read the full story on the CWC website here.


thinkstockphotos-466373702-1280x427“OCD Is More Than What You See” is an article I submitted to The Mighty—a mental health support website—about my personal struggle. It was published on their website here.

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