A StarkLight Steampunk Anthology


Starklight Steampunk Anthology

A StarkLight Steampunk Anthology
Published by StarkLight Press
Look for my short story, A Tinker’s Gift

Paperback and Kindle versions available from Amazon.


Please enjoy this excerpt from my short story, A Tinker’s Gift.

They all huddled around to read the last line of instructions.

Insert sprocket into open space on rod. Align chain. Push firmly when ready.

“Well, you read the paper, Sprocket. In you go.” Galwix chuckled at his own joke, and Sasha had to hold back a laugh herself. Sprocket raised an eyebrow and glanced at the space on the machine.

“Very funny, Galwix. What sprocket though? Did we lose a piece?” He climbed his step stool and leaned over the side of the empty box the pieces had come in. He leaned a bit too far, and tumbled into the box with a grunt. His slightly muffled voice came from inside. “It’s not in here.”

“No, I know what sprocket it means,” Sasha said, undoing the top two buttons on her shirt. Galwix watched her with a grin, winking when she noticed him staring, but she halted at the third button and reached a hand between the open sides, pulling out a necklace.

It was a simple metal chain looped through a dark iron sprocket. Sasha removed the piece from the necklace and stood in front of the machine. She inserted the sprocket, and was pleased to feel it slide perfectly into place. After arranging the chain onto the prongs, she stood back and looked to the two men. Galwix was leaning against the table, his legs crossed casually. Sprocket had just managed his way out of the box and was dusting himself off.

“Are you two ready to see what this thing does?” she asked. They both nodded. She reached out her arm and, with two fingers, pressed the sprocket further against the metal rod until it clicked.

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