It will all get better soon

A poem I wrote to a friend, who will probably never read it. I know things will get better if you just have hope and keep moving forward. We’re here for you.


Don’t tell me that you’re feeling fine
Because I won’t pretend it’s true
Your eyes are red, your smile false
And your laughs are all too few

Behind the cheap facade of “fine”
Lies the friend I used to know
The pressure must be building
As the cracks begin to show

I know it’s just a habit
Filler words to string along
But please don’t say you’re sorry
You’ve done nothing wrong

Speaking of your habits
And those you ought to break
Take care of yourself for once
And everyone else, forsake

You’ve been selfless for so long
And that hasn’t been returned
It’s time you know the feeling
Of receiving what you’ve earned

I know I haven’t known you long
But believe me when I say
You can count on me to be there
Any time, any place, any day

I hate to see you broken down
Consumed by all that’s dark
I wish I could fix everything
That’s stripped your smile stark

You may be feeling lost and down
But this is not the end
Just breathe, and please remember
It will all get better soon, my friend.


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