Ego & Envy

I wrote this in February and wasn’t sure what to do with it, because it’s much more…straightforward…than I usually like to be. But sometimes, we just have to deal with people in our lives (even for a short time) who make us want to yell and scream and throw things. This is for those people.


Get off your high horse
You’re breaking the poor creature’s back

You don’t know everything
You aren’t a god among men

Mockery sprays from my tongue
As I waggle it at your back

I stop myself
I don’t want my face to stick this way
Full of self-righteousness
Like yours

You’re doing it again

You make a good point
But you could be nicer about it

I can be a dick, too
Watch me get on my high pony

Tall enough to keep my pride
Without looking down on others

Short enough that those around me
Aren’t staring at an ass

I’m not talking about your horse

Help me into the saddle
You’re an expert at this too, aren’t you?

What else do you know
Oh Wise and Learned One?
All the secrets of life, I presume

How we can have everything we want
If we listen to you
Because you have it all

Yes, you do
All in your head

I don’t have everything
But I have enough to stand on
A small pedestal that doesn’t buck

All I want now
Is to watch you fall off
And break your arrogance at my feet

The funny thing is
What I used to want

Was a taller horse
Like yours


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