The Storm Approaches

I’m slowly merging my dream journal into my blog. I get a lot of inspiration from my dreams, and I’m excited to share them with you. I hope they inspire you the way they have inspired me. Welcome to my Dreamverse!


June 15, 2011

This dream must have been a foretelling; there’s no other explanation. However, for you to understand why I believed this to be true, I must first give you a brief summary of what was going on in my life at that time (in 2011).

My dad and ex-stepmother were divorcing. Regardless of who lived where and who got along with who, my husband planned on leaving the day after I had this dream to go pick up one of my younger sisters from Florida.

The day before, my ex-stepmother had written to me saying that unless certain plans were laid out within twenty-four hours of her letter, my sister would not be able to visit at all. Those were the exact words I had dreaded for the previous six months—that somehow, some way, someone would tell me I couldn’t see my sister. Despite us “kids” not wanting to be caught up as collateral damage, we were anyway. So we laid out those plans, but I was in constant fear she would tell me once again that I couldn’t see her. This is where my dream comes in.

* * *

The next morning arrived bright and early. My husband was packed and ready for Florida and had everything he needed to bring our two-year-old son along for the trip to pick up my sister from Orlando.

Not twenty minutes before he had planned to hit the road, my ex-stepmother called.

“I’m sorry,” she said without an ounce of sorrow in her voice, “and I don’t know how else to say this than to just say it, but your sister can’t come out there. You have a tornado heading straight for your house, and I don’t want her out there with that.”

Anger surged through my veins. How would she know if we were about to get a tornado? Huffing, I checked the weather channel, but sure enough, there was indeed a tornado. In fact, there were two. One safely drifted away from us, but the second was heading directly toward us and moving fast.

As quickly as we could manage, we gathered the important items we needed—a small folder of identification documents and three stuffed animals. (In all reality, this really is what we would likely reach for first. I refuse to allow Cherry Bear, Bunny, or Monkey to perish. They have been with me and my husband, respectively, all our lives.) We then bagged up food, drinks, blankets, and flashlights and took them to the round metal building behind our garage. We figured this was the safest place to ride out a tornado. At the time, we were using the building as a brooder for pheasant chicks, but at that exact moment, we didn’t mind sharing the space.

We had everything ready to wait out the storm and pray for our safety, so we each grabbed one of our two children and locked ourselves in the round room.

As the storm approached, even though the sky grew darker by the minute, everything took on varying shades of brown coated in sunlight. The wind picked up, gathering small rocks, dirt, and debris in its swirling gusts. I lay down, holding my two-month-old baby tightly, constantly switching between squeezing him or his older brother. I considered what might happen if the storm became strong enough to lift the small metal building; I couldn’t bear the thought of losing either of my children.

Suddenly, we heard voices just outside the room. We cautiously opened the door to a small group of people looking to buy some birds. We knew the storm was moving fast, but my husband went outside anyway to show off our flock and our brooders. While he talked business with our potential buyers, I looked back at the house and saw my mom walking toward me.

Apparently, she had been worried for the boys, so she decided to come over and make sure everyone was all right.

When my husband finished selling a few birds, a crack of thunder brought our eyes to the sky. The outer reaches of the clouds were almost upon us, stretching out like a dark shadow all the way to the horizon.

And so we huddled together in the round metal building: myself, my husband, my mom, and my two little boys. We braced ourselves—

And I woke up.

* * *

With the divorce in my family and a few issues in my husband’s family as well, it was obvious a storm had hit our lives. Of this dream and the clear foretelling it held, I had this to say that next morning: “We have secluded ourselves and are ready to brace for impact. But why was it important that we sell some birds first? What does that symbolize? Why would my ex-stepmother want to stop me from seeing my sister? Why was my mom there when she lives halfway across the country? A storm was moving away from us, too—what did that represent and why must another hit so soon?”


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