Edit Less, Write More. 2018.

Well, you guys, it’s been fun.

No, I’m not dying. I’m not leaving. I’m not quitting. I’m changing focus for a bit.

In my heart, I’ve been a writer since I first learned to read. When I took to writing as a serious career path, I picked up a love for editing along the way and just ran with it. No stopping, no slowing down—just rushing headfirst into a fresh novel and polishing it up to its potential. All humans aside, writing and editing are my two great loves in this life.

But, life has gotten busy this past year. Like, ridiculously busy. My children have all reached the ages where I can put them in sports, take them out to dinner or the movies or to a park, and spend quality time with them doing things that I also enjoy, like board games and video games and Legos. And those things take up a good part of my evenings and most of my weekends. And in my remaining free time, my friend and I run the fantasy publishing imprint Imagine House and we admin a fantasy-lovers group on Facebook. It’s a lot of fun and a great outlet for my fangirling, even though upkeep on the group and our social media platforms takes a bit of time. I’m not even complaining; I love this life and everything it has for me.

But on top of the fun exciting developments, there are also a lot of responsibilities that have joined the routine. My husband’s new job takes him on the road more often, which leaves me to deal with things around the property that he usually handles. As today’s youth would say, “I have to adult now.” And that’s just the constant stuff. This past year has thrown a lot of wrenches in my gearbox and I’m feeling like it’s time to replace a few weary parts.

My current editing clients have seen firsthand the delays life has thrown at me, and I am immensely grateful for their patience and understanding as I deal with each new issue. Though life is starting to even out, baseball season is on the horizon and spring always awakens my desire to plant a garden.

Screenshot (14)

On top of all that, I want to write. I mean I really want to write, y’all. I have a slew of story ideas and fans waiting for books. (Like, two fans. Let’s not get crazy here; I’m not famous or anything.) I have unfinished chapters, random scenes scrawled on napkins, and characters in my head screaming to be set free. I literally have an entire folder on my laptop full of started stories and ideas.

Thus I find myself at a crossroads. Editing takes up so much of my time now that writing has become what it used to be: just a dream. I want to finish a novel. I want to stress out over query letters and synopses and spend a month daring myself to hit Send. I want to find an agent and pull my hair out as I wait to hear back from publishers. I want to see my books on shelves and dance down the Barnes & Noble fantasy aisle while puzzled onlookers try to cover their smirks. mwitm-front-jdrf

I want to be published. Like, really published. Yes, I self-published my children’s book and I have a lot of short stories in anthologies and such, but…it’s different when a stranger takes a chance on you rather then when you put your books out there yourself.


So, the point of this longer-than-I-intended spiel is this: I need to choose between writing and editing—and I’m choosing writing. At least until I finish a book, which if I finally have the time might even be this year!

Before you all freak out, this only means I won’t be taking new editing clients for a while. If you’re already a client (if I’ve edited for you in the past), I will still edit for you. You know how to reach me. I will also still be one of the volunteer editors for the Authors’ Tale annual anthologies, and my formatting services will remain open.

It hurts my heart to have to choose between my two great loves, but I’ll feel a lot better once I finish a novel of my own. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause y’all.

Well, kind of sorry. In that sympathetic way that shows I understand your feelings. But I’m not, like, “sorry” sorry. Because I have to look out for myself, too. You understand.

Wish me luck! See you around—as a writer again!


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