Fall Forward

If at first you don’t succeed
Call it practice
Try again
You’re only human
It’s not an insult
If all you can do is try
It’s enough
If you take that leap of faith
You are worthy
If you can’t see the other side
Don’t look
Look at your hands instead
See all they’re capable of right where you are
If you fall
Fall flat on your face
Fall with the full momentum of every cell in your body
If you give it your all
You’ll still fall forward
It will hurt
But this is not the end
When all you see is a wall before you
And you don’t think you can go any further
Consider your perspective
Use your hands
Push yourself up, take a step back
and see that the “wall” is just the ground
The path before you
You know now how hard it is
How sturdy it is
You know it can hold you
So try
Keep moving forward
You are worthy


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