A New Approach

I’ve fought myself against this for a while now. A long while. And it’s crazy that I should be posting this today of all days, since I’m involved in two book launches today as well as falling behind on editing and, as always, not having time to write. But amid the chaos and the fifty Facebook notifications every half-hour, my mind froze. Time stood still and a thought came to the forefront of my mind.

I need to open up my blog.

I hadn’t wanted to do this. My blog is my personal space on my website, meant to share my writing, short stories, poems, and a few articles. I wanted to keep the content strictly my own and use it more as a portfolio than anything.

But that seems so selfish. When you have something, don’t you feel better when you share it with others? My books will be my own and I can be as selfish with them as I like. But my blog should showcase others as well as myself. I should interview other authors to bring you new exciting stories to read. I should review books that I myself read so you know what you need to read next. I should let guests come and post to my blog to share with you their own stuff. I need to share.

So with a brighter outlook and love in my heart, I’m ready. I’m going to open up my blog to bring a wider world to your digital doorstep. I think it’s long past overdue, don’t you?

Not today, of course. Gotta get back to the chaos. 😉 But this is good. Good things are coming.

Thank you all for your support and love so far. You deserve so much more than I’ve given you. ♥


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