I Wanna Be Like You (Writing Prompt 23)

The prompt was:

Write a story themed with the first song you hear today. 

Hello, little songbird.

I see you there, preening your bright yellow feathers in the predawn light.

Are you having a good morning?

Your merry tune reminds me that each day has something worth singing about.

The flutter of your wings as you lift off the branch and into the sky brings a smile to my lips but sadness to my heart. I cannot leave so easily as you. I am grounded, caged, while you fly free. I envy that. I wanna be like you. I wanna sing and fly and look down on the world with nary a care or a stress beyond which direction the wind blows. Everything is smaller from that far away. I need to remember to distance myself sometimes.


Hello, nimble rabbit.

I see you there, methodically cleaning your long ears in the morning sun.

Are you enjoying the start to your day?

Your adorable nose wrinkling as you chew a simple dandelion stalk reminds me to stop and take notice of my surroundings.

The soft, padded thumps of your feet as you hop across the field and disappear into your burrow bring a laugh to my eyes but wistfulness to my mind. I cannot hide so easily as you. I am exposed, vulnerable, while you are secure. I envy that. I wanna be like you. I wanna love simply and find shelter and be protected from the world and its harsh predators and storms. Everything is easier when you feel safe. I need to remember to find time to myself every once in a while.


Hello, plump caterpillar.

I see you there, happily devouring leaf after leaf in the afternoon heat.

Are you satisfied with your meal?

Your voracity for the many flavors of the garden reminds me of the wonderful diversity in this colorful world.

The knowledge that you will one day wrap your chubby body into a cocoon, only to emerge as a gorgeous, brilliant butterfly brings a giggle to my throat but depression to my esteem. I cannot change so easily as you. I am droll, unappealing, while you are transformative. I envy that. I wanna be like you. I wanna follow my dreams and evolve as I please, unhindered by routine and fear of the result. Everything is exciting when change is involved. I need to remember that everyone has their own way, and mine doesn’t need to follow any set standards.


Hello, sly coyote.

I see you there, curiously exploring the pasture for a meal in the evening glow.

Has your day gone well?

Your inquisitive nature and willingness to investigate remind me of the sheer number of life’s mysteries.

The flick of your tail as you disappear over a hill, chasing down the scents of both the rabbit and the songbird, bring an accepting nod to my head but a wishful prayer to my spirit. I cannot indulge my desires so easily as you. I am ordinary, hesitant, while you are opportunistic. I envy that. I wanna be like you. I wanna gain knowledge and wisdom, adapt and overcome. Everything is game when you are open to it all. I need to remember that even an old dog can learn new tricks.


Hello, wise moon.

I see you there, one light in the dark, guiding ships and creatures of the night through the shadows when the daylight is gone.

Do you long for the sun?

Your undulating dance through the starry sky—up, down, waxing, waning—reminds me that there is an ebb and flow to all things.

Your everlasting journey of loneliness with the faithful tide in tow brings a tear to my eye and a longing to my soul. I cannot continue so easily as you. I am lost, afraid, while you lead with confidence. I envy that. I wanna be like you. I wanna be consistent and reliable, knowing my place in the world and understanding that I make a difference no matter how great the distance. Everything seems different on the dark side of the moon. I need to remember that hope is the guiding light we follow as we sail the lonely seas of the unknown, taking solace in the balance of the ever-watchful moon.

Got a poem, sentence, or short story that fits the prompt? Share it in the comments!


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