Dust (Writing Prompt 21)

The prompt was:

Take your main character and place them in an opposing genre. THINK ABOUT: Who are they now? What are they doing?


Dust falls like filthy rain.
It doesn’t know why.
It doesn’t know how.
It just does.

Dust coats like dirty paint.
It doesn’t choose where.
It doesn’t choose when.
It just does.

We are only living dust,
And when we’re dead
We’ll return to the sky
To fall again and mar the world.

The green is gone
The blue is obscured
The gold is lacking
The red is faded

Whirlwinds and stray flurries
Smother the life from Life itself
Choking the color
Strangling the passion

When the layers are thick
And the dust settles
We’ll go back to nothingness
And Chaos will be lonely once more.

Got a poem, sentence, or short story that fits the prompt? Share it in the comments!



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