Cheers (to the Authors)

Here’s to the gods
and the world creators,
the builders, designers,
the careful caretakers
the weavers of magic
the reality fakers
the fanciful artists
and character makers

Here’s to their efforts
as they heed the call
dreaming it up
then recording it all
growing hatred and love,
keeping readers enthralled,
then coaxing a smile
or making them fall

Here’s to the travelers,
and all they must do,
who walk the fine line
between surreal and untrue
moving mountains with words
paying kings what they’re due
if the worlds come alive
the stories will, too

Here’s to the truth
found in every lie
an ounce of these gods
as they’ve laughed and they’ve cried
though crafted from nothing
but hope and a sigh
it’s a piece of the maker
that will never die

Here’s to the gods
and their beautiful minds
the adventures, the quests,
and the treasures to find
a well-crafted world
to inspire or remind,
a place most desired
to relax and unwind

Here’s to the stories
the mysterious tales
the grand sweeping journeys
the overgrown vales
the easy mistakes
the spirits and ales
the difficult choices
the ultimate grail

Here’s to the creators
who fought through the years
to write it all down
through laughter and tears
who battled anxiety
and overcame fears
to share their worlds
with all of their peers

Here’s to the authors
writers and dreamers,
the coffee and tea
and flavorful creamers

Here’s to the words
to the stories and tales
the emotional rewards
(and the occasional sales)

Here’s to the constructed
the worlds which survive
embracing us completely
to remind us we’re alive


2 Comments on “Cheers (to the Authors)

  1. Oh, Crystal, my dear. This was beautiful! I didn’t know you wrote poetry until this popped up in my inbox. I laughed and admittedly got a tad misty-eyed. Delightful Ode, this. So thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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