Between the Lines


Some say I am evil. A few have said I am simply misguided. Very rarely, I hear that my destiny shall lead me to greatness. Everyone seems to have an opinion of me.

Myself, I believe that we all have choices before us. Each choice is one step closer to who we are fated to become, and whether that is perceived as good or evil depends on who stands to judge.

From an outside point of view, I can see where people get their impressions of me.  Remember, however, that not everything can be taken at face value.  Only an individual can genuinely understand the reasons behind his deeds.  Much of what seems evil and heartless is fueled instead by love and the will to protect.

Most people don’t see any of that; they are quick to pass judgement and make their assumptions. Yet, one must want to look beyond the initial actions to see if something deeper is at stake. So many acts that were deemed despicable and hateful were actually founded on the basis that they served a greater purpose. Every so often, there is one person who honestly means well, and is not fueled by greed or power. Let this be a lesson, a reminder, that just because one does bad things, it does not mean that he is a bad person. For the innermost essence of a person to be discovered, we must truly learn to read between the lines.”

–The leading antagonist in the mind of Crystal MM Burton

[Bonus points to whoever gets the secret message!]


This short story was inspired by a writing prompt. The prompt was:

Describe the perfect antagonist.

If this story or prompt inspired you, let me know in the comments!


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